Refund Policy


FUTARIUM gives the possibility to upload 25 free blockchain verified documents to every Creator. Since FUTARIUM allows free trial with 25 certificates, there will be no refund given on the payment made for uploading more than 25 certificates.

The Creator can discontinue using FUTARIUM if not satisfied with the system at any time. The uploaded certificates will remain on the FUTARIUM blockchain even after the cancellation of the services by the Creator. The cancellation will stop the Creator from uploading new certificates.

All initial charges, customisation and delivery charges are negotiated before the agreement and are non refundable.

The FUTARIUM refund policy applies only to software purchased directly from FUTARIUM. If your software was purchased through a 3rd party, it must be returned to the 3rd party and is subject to the return policies of that vendor.

All owners can upload their CV for free. They pay only when they want to get their CV verified on the blockchain. The charged amount for CV verification is non-refundable as FUTARIUM incurs cost in verification process of verifying each element of the CV.


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