What is Futarium?

Futarium is based on Hyperledger which is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration including leaders in banking, finance, Internet of Things, manufacturing, supply chains, and technology. The Linux Foundation hosts Hyperledger under the foundation.

Counterfeit documents have been a longstanding issue in the society. Futarium uses a technique which is mainly implemented by conflating the hash value of local files to the blockchain.

Futarium removes any chance of manipulation of the document and authenticates the document using blockchain’s decentralised process.

There is no physical verification needed, the document is verified by the Futarium Blockchain in an instant, saving time and money for everyone. Futarium verified documents are genuine.

How it works?

  • The digital document is uploaded to Futarium blockchain by the creator of the document.
  • The creator shares the document with the individual, a group of individuals or the institution who are supposed to have the document.
  • The shared document on Futarium can be verified for authenticity instantly by clicking on the "Verify Now" button on the Futarium website.

Some facts

Financial loss as a result of fraud is on the increase and Futarium is determined to combat document fraud

Percentage of companies effected by top 3 types of fraud

Theft of Physical assets





Vendor, supplier or procurement fraud





Information theft





Credentialing Employees using Blockchain technologies promise to reduce one of the great annoyances of modern employment practice: “credentialing’’. Employers use the credentialing process to make sure that its employees are competent and trustworthy. In a sense, credentialing is the employer’s way of performing “due diligence’’ on an employee. But today this process imposes a huge burden, both on the employee applying for affiliation and the employer that must vet the applications.

How it works?

Futarium blockchain authentication is being used in three different sectors:

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With more graduates prepared to lie about their qualifications, universities and awarding organisations have a duty to protect the honest majority – not to mention the reputation of their degrees.

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The two documents on the right look exactly the same but one of them is not uploaded on Futarium and cannot be authenticated. To test download both the documents and then upload one by one on Futarium by clicking on verify now.

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