Company Overview

The Futarium vision

To eliminate document fraud and give every individual a chance to collect academically assessed and recognised educational credits from day to day learning.

Futarium mission

To revolutionise education system by providing blockchain verified academic credentials having social, corporate and academic recognition globally.

What is Futarium?

FUTARIUM is Klaspad’s native digital medium for the value in the education sector. This can help prevent document and CV fraud. FUTARIUM provides the space and the means to exchange verified educational and employment data. FUTARIUM is the Educational wallet where each individual’s skills are academically assessed and given a credit value. The assimilation of these credits leads to recognised certification by educational institutions. The system has been built using IBM’s Hyperledger open source blockchain based distributed ledger.

Valued by industry

We have forged strong relations in various sectors. Our products and services are being well accepted by the industry due to our progressive thinking and strong support and emphasis on quality and compliance.

With its ability to dramatically reduce data management costs by eliminating many manual processes, including credential verification, blockchain is enabling changes in the business, operating and technology models of higher education.

Blockchain Verified Certificates

UK Higher Education's official service for candidate verification, university authentication and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS), have identified more than 180 bogus providers of false educational certificates.

Blockchain Verified CVs

According to M Whittington Risk Advisory Group UK, in 2016, 80% of CVs had discrepancy, 21% had inflated job titles and another 12% changed grades.

Educational Micro Credits

Everyone is talking about Lifelong Learning, CPD and Recognition of Prior Learning. Currently, there is no system that can academically assess, validate and award academically recognised credits to such achievements.

Blockchain Verified Documents and contracts

The contracts and legal documents are produced every minute around the globe. The process is long and time consuming. The signatories have to be physically present to sign the documents and then their signatures have to be witnessed.

Smart Contracts for Research & Other Copyrighted Content

Under the traditional system, there is little way to know if a similar academic study is under way when a professor begins his or her research. In addition, there is much piracy of the research itself.


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