Blockchain Verified Certificates

UK Higher Education's official service for candidate verification, university authentication and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS), have identified more than 180 bogus providers of false educational certificates.

Blockchain Verified CVs

According to M Whittington Risk Advisory Group UK, in 2016, 80% of CVs had discrepancy, 21% had inflated job titles and another 12% changed grades.

Our Core Values

Corporate and Social Governance

'Responsibility and sustainability' are taken very seriously by us. Our aim is to further increase long-term competitiveness with minimal impact on society and environment while generating maximum value for our local and global stakeholders. We do our best to meet our social and professional standards.

Commitment to the quality assurance and compliance

We are committed to provide quality in time. We believe that all systems should meet the compliance requirements of the industry sector for which the system is developed. Our products go through rigorous testing before delivery and we do solve issues if any swiftly.

Technical expertise and fanatic support

Our team of developers is always encouraged to keep themselves informed of the changes in technology. We encourage adoption of new technology. The team has experience of building enterprise level software and is constantly looking at innovative ways of development.

We consider it our prime duty to support our clients and service to client comes before anything else.

Think big, work together, go far

We think big and work towards our dream with passion and creativity. We work together with our stakeholders in pursuing new opportunities to forge new paths, taking smart risks. We are open to new ideas and have accomplished an amazing amount of important work.

Be responsible, take ownership

We strive to do our best but we always are ready to accept our mistakes and rectify them. We take responsibility for the work we do and are proud to own it. We are open to suggestions, criticism and of course the applauds.

Progressive Thinking

The future of work asks us to consider the biggest questions of our age. What influence will the continuing march of technology, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have on where we work and how we work? Will we need to work at all? What is our place in an automated world? Many commentators focus on technology and the role that automation is predicted to have on jobs and the workplace. We believe the real story is far more complicated. This is less about technological innovation and more about the manner in which humans decide to use that technology. The shape that the workforce of the future takes will be the result of complex, changing and competing forces. Some of these forces are certain, but the speed at which they unfold can be hard to predict. Regulations and laws, the governments that impose them, broad trends in consumer, citizen and worker sentiment will all influence the transition toward an automated workplace. The outcome of this battle will determine the future of work in 2030. When so many complex forces are at play, linear predictions are too simplistic. Businesses, governments and individuals need to be prepared for a number of possible, even seemingly unlikely, outcomes.

When you think about the future world of work as it is likely to affect you, how do you feel?

PwC survey of 10,029 members of the general population based in China, Germany, India, the UK and the US – base all those who are not retired 8,459

Excited - I see a world full of possibility
Confident - I Know that I will be successful
Worried - I'm nervous about what the future holds
Uninterested - I tend not to think too far ahead

The Road Ahead

During last 20 years the IT companies have got away with modest investment in infrastructure. The new situation demands building up cloud infrastructure that has a different economic profile. We are investing in cloud to exploit the efficiency of the cloud. We are investing in the AI & Blockchain technologies to build secured, scalable and resilient systems. These will put us ahead of the market and we can start bringing new products faster.


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