The Futarium vision

To eliminate document fraud and give every individual a chance to collect academically assessed and recognised educational credits from day to day learning.

Our mission

To revolutionise education system by providing blockchain verified academic credentials having social, corporate and academic recognition globally.

What is Futarium?

FUTARIUM is Klaspad’s native digital medium for the value in the education sector. This can help prevent document and CV fraud. FUTARIUM provides the space and the means to exchange verified educational and employment data. FUTARIUM is the Educational wallet where each individual’s skills are academically assessed and given a credit value. The assimilation of these credits leads to recognised certification by educational institutions. The system has been built using IBM’s Hyperledger open source blockchain based distributed ledger.

Valued by industry

We have forged strong relations in various sectors. Our products and services are being well accepted by the industry due to our progressive thinking and strong support and emphasis on quality and compliance.

How the certificate verification works?

  • The digital document is uploaded to Futarium blockchain by the creator of the document (Educational Institution).
  • The document is digitally signed by the authorised signatories (This transaction is recorded on the blockchain and can’t be altered).
  • The creator shares the document with the individual, a group of individuals or the institution who are supposed to have the document.
  • The shared document on Futarium can be verified for authenticity instantly by clicking on the "Verify Now" button on the certificate. The printed version can be verified by scanning the QR code given to each verified document.

How the CV verification works?

  • Sign up on Futarium as owner. Once your account has been activated, you can upload your CV for free.
  • Once you have filled up the CV you can request us to get your CV verified on the blockchain. We will contact the employers and the educational institutions mentioned in your CV and ask them to verify the submitted details. All the verifications will be registered on Futarium blockchain and you can share this blockchain verified CV to employers who need not go through the verification process again as they can easily verify the details on Futarium.

Advantages of using FUTARIUM

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