Increasing Role of AI and Blockchain by Employers and Recruiters

A lot of time and resources are spent on doing extensive background checks and it is important that the benefits of these expensive checks outweigh the cost and the time spent to perform them. The advent and development of new technologies in the recent years has helped the HR professionals in automation and streamlining of the recruitment process. The enormous changes in human resources (HR) practices across all the sectors of business are being brought about by emerging technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is already a part of our daily lives and it is now being used in the HR processes of organisations. This sector is steadily moving towards total digitalisation and AI is already helping in enhancement of the analytical power. This will result in improvement to the responses to the complex recruitment needs in today’s workforce. Critical advances in these are affecting the employment patterns of hiring and managing the workforce. The automation of the recruitment process will have its own difficulties and challenges and the organisations will have to develop transparent systems to make decisions based on technology. However, little is known about how potential candidates regard the use of AI as part of the recruitment process and whether or not it influences their likelihood to apply for a job.

Blockchain on the other hand with its inherent capacity to build trust has the capacity of phasing out employee screening by providing tamper proof verified candidate data. This has a huge disruptive potential. Blockchain is primarily a ledger that records the activities. These records are shared amongst participants.

The growing competition, the increased CV frauds and the desire to hire the perfect person for the job are forcing the HR managers to find out ways and means to get it right. It is also clear from the above studies that the organisations are looking at the new technologies to support the recruitment process. Blockchain smart contracts that ensure confidentiality and privacy during the process are still at evolutionary stage. Cybercriminals, these days, impersonate as an employer or a recruiter to gain access to the personal details of targeted potential employees. The CVs on blockchain provide a secured channel for employee as well as the employer.

AI and blockchain are two emerging technologies that are now being used in the hiring process and it is important that everyone understands the impact of the use of these technologies in the hiring process.    
Are you aware of the use of these technologies in the employment process?       

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