Prevent Forged Certification


Futarium will end the need for paper-based certificates, automate the award, recognition and transfer of credits, increase learner ownership and control over their own data, reduce institutional data costs and risk–but only if open standards are adopted.


  • The digital document is uploaded to Futarium blockchain by the creator of the document (Educational Institution).
  • The document is digitally signed by the authorised signatories (This transaction is recorded on the blockchain and can’t be altered).
  • The creator shares the document with the individual, a group of individuals or the institution who are supposed to have the document.
  • The shared document on Futarium can be verified for authenticity instantly by clicking on the "Verify Now" button on the certificate. The printed version can be verified by scanning the QR code given to each verified document.

Why you should use blockchain in education?

Reputation enhacement for the educational institutions


Indestructible authenticated information

Verified personal CVs for individuals, hassle free employment

Academic recognition of lifelong learning


Prevent Document Fraud

Affordable pricing and payment plans

Cost reduction and Transparency


Advantages of using futarium for certificates and transcripts

Self - sovereignty

Users identify themselves while maintaining control over the storage and management of their personal data.


Infrastructure that gives people enough confidence in its operations to carry through with transactions such as payments or the issue ofcertificates.


Conduct transactions in knowledge that each party has the capacity to enter into that transaction.


Records are written and stored permanently j without the possibility of modification.


Removal of the need for a central controlling authority to manage transactions or keep records.


The ability of parties to transact directly with each other without the need for mediating third parties.


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